What's All The Buzz About Raindrop Technique?
How Raindrop works, how to prepare and what to expect...
Goals of Raindrop Technique:
To help you get, be and stay well
To give you a relaxing, rejuvenating, blissful experience
To balance and align your body systems
To target your specific goals eg hormone levels, pH levels, sugar levels
To provide relief from pain

Accomplishments of Raindrop Technique:
Your spine compresses through the day and decompresses while you sleep. Raindrop enhances and magnifies this natural process so your body stays more aligned and efficient. Your height may increase as a direct result of Raindrop Technique.

Pain is mostly caused by inflammation. Raindrop helps to reduce inflammation and relieve your pain. I have personally experienced long lasting pain relief following Raindrop Technique.

Your immune system naturally fights for you. Sometimes your immunity is weakened by poor diet choices, lack of proper sleep or simply stress. Raindrop gives your immunity a boost so you are less likely to get sick. If you are starting to get symptoms of a cold or flu, Raindrop Technique may reduce or even stop these symptoms in their tracks.

Interests - Individual Results:
I want to see what unexpected results Raindrop has in store for your mind, body and spirit - what is your miracle?

I want to watch you set a life goal before your session and meet that goal - what would you like Raindrop to do for you?

Networks - working together for your health:
The regular application of essential oils, especially by Raindrop Technique, enhances and magnifies the results you get from all your other health practices.

What your chiropractor or physiotherapist do for you will last longer. Your stamina and strength is supported so you are less likely to be injured or exhausted by exercise. Your nutrients and supplements are more effective because your body is more receptive.

Skills - how the oils in Raindrop Technique work:
Essential oils work at cellular level to transport nutrients and oxygen to their relevant receptors where they quickly absorb and start doing their job - keeping your body functioning optimally.

If you have been seeing a practitioner for a long time and your progress seems slow, incorporate Raindrop into your protocol and watch what happens to your results.

The receptors in your body that accept and utilise nutrients can become dull and clogged by toxins* in your environment or in your products and medicines. Raindrop Technique helps to clean the receptors so your nutrients can be more easily assimilated.

These same toxins can cause damage and mutation to cells. Essential oils dissolve and digest petrochemicals and trigger your own natural healing process.

Each oil in Raindrop Technique has been chosen for a specific purpose however, because there are so many constituents in each individual oil, there are many possible outcomes based on your individual needs. The combination of all the oils used allows for a much wider scope of benefits. 

Inhalation of the essential oils is a bonus when receiving Raindrop Technique. The tiny particles from the oils enter through your nasal passages directly into the emotional centre of your brain where your memories are held. Although Raindrop Technique does not specifically target emotions, it is possible you may experience an emotional shift. 

Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils (Why Young Living)

Essential oils have been utilised for thousands of years to enhance wellness of the mind, body and spirit. Clarity of thought, efficiency of organs and intelligence of emotion and spirituality are all magnified by the daily use of essential oils.

Commercialisation of these benefits means that essential oils have been diluted, adulterated and manufactured and the pure, potent, powerful effects are lost. Labels are allowed to say "pure" and "natural" even though 95% of what is in the bottle is created in a laboratory.

It's important to understand that diluted, adulterated and manufactured essential oils are not only ineffective, but can cause harm. You don't know what is in the bottle unless you know the company that has produced it, the standards they hold themselves to and their commitment to prioritising people over profit.

Young Living was founded when only perfume grade essential oils were available in America. This means that the beneficial components are either left behind or destroyed in the manufacture in order to maximise profit.

Founder, Don Gary Young, known as Gary, decided to establish a standard, second to none, where essential oils are carefully monitored all the way from the seed to the sealed bottle ensuring the highest purity and potency possible. Every essential oils company compares their quality to Young Living. You won't find essential oils from any company that exceeds the standards that Young Living have set.

Raindrop Technique was developed by Gary Young after extensive research and trials. Many have benefited from this technique which is a unique combination of gentle massage, energy principles and therapeutic grade essential oils. I have personally benefited from this extraordinary massage. You can find my story and others in the members area of my website.

What's in a Raindrop?

Valor is an oil blend that was originally used in Raindrop Technique and is included in the Raindrop collection. Release is an alternative blend that was introduced when Valor was temporarily unavailable**. Either of these oils are used to balance electrical energy or frequency in your body before the oils are applied and to seal the experience after the oils are applied.

Vitaflex is a technique that creates tiny electrical impulses that help stimulate healing processes. This technique is used to apply 7 oils to your feet along the reflex point for the spine three times on each foot for each oil. This may put you to sleep.

Oregano and thyme are applied along the spine. Both these oils are chosen for the components they contain that have the ability to inhibit bacterial, viral and fungal activity. A feathering technique helps to distribute the drops of oil along your spine then out across your back.

This feathering technique is used to apply each oil throughout the Raindrop Technique. The feathering allows your muscles, nerves and connecting tissues to relax and rest giving you relief from spasms without painful deep massage. You experience this feathering nine times in the course of your Raindrop.

Basil helps to relax your muscles. The massage technique used with this oil helps to relax the muscles along your spine to allow your vertebrae to decompress. Basil also aids respiration so taking deep breaths while you are receiving Raindrop will expand the benefits of this unique experience.

Cypress assists your circulation and the massage technique used with this oil opens up the space between your vertebrae to increase the blood flow around your spine where every nerve in your body passes through.

Wintergreen is known for its ability to reduce inflammation. A word of caution: many wintergreen oils available are not whole wintergreen but the main component produced synthetically making it very dangerous. Young Living get their wintergreen from plants they grow themselves. The technique that compliments this oil has been described as feeling like butterflies on your back. It is a vitaflex technique applied from the base of your spine to the base of your skull.

Marjoram is another muscle relaxing oil and is used to relax the large muscles all over your back. It is also a respiratory aid so breathe deep!

Aroma Siez is a blend that helps to solidify the relaxation of all your muscles on your back. The technique used here covers your whole back from side to side to complete the massage.

Peppermint is now applied and feathered to drive all the applied oils deeper for a more intense result.

Valor or release is now applied and feathered, then gently spread with large ovals over the whole back to complete the application of Raindrop Technique. 

One last procedure, which is optional, serves as a lymph pump giving your immunity an extra boost.

The results are extraordinary but I can't tell you what you will experience because it is different for each unique individual.

* Let me show you how you can minimise toxic exposure.
** Young Living would suffer a shortage (out of stock) rather than source oils that do not meet their rigorous standards.