Phoenix - Rising From 2020 - Blog Series: Breathe Again

Phoenix - Rising From 2020 - Blog Series: Breathe Again
In this blog series titled "Phoenix - Rising From 2020," the author discusses the challenges and helpful information to support your wellbeing as you recover from the fallout of the past few years. The first blog, "Breathe Again," focuses on the importance of proper breathing and respiratory care. The author explains the benefits of breathing through your nose, mentioning that nitric oxide opens airways and blood vessels for improved airflow and circulation.

The blog also highlights the significance of clean air and the impact of pollution on our respiratory health. It encourages readers to minimize their exposure to toxins by switching to environmentally friendly cleaning products and avoiding chemicals found in hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps. The author stresses the importance of taking care of our respiratory system, emphasizing the benefits of deep belly breathing, alternating nostrils, and using premium essential oils like Young Living's "Breathe Again" roll-on, formulated to support easier breathing.

Overall, this blog post provides valuable insights and actionable tips for improving respiratory health and encouraging readers to prioritize self-care for a brighter, healthier future.

See, Swirl, Smell - how to inhale essential oils

Testing the aroma of pure, potent, powerful essential oils
is like a wine tasting where the first 3 steps are see, swirl and smell.
You see the oil you want to test, swirl the open bottle
from your waist upwards till the aroma
reaches your nose and you smell
by breathing normally.